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PSGW 2004 SESSION 1 (July 24 - July 30)

Cary BlackBeginning Upright Bass (1-2)Bass Soloing (3-4)
Flip BreskinGuitar Foundations (1)Fingerpatterns and Song Accompaniment by Ear (2)
Pat DonohueSongwriting 102 (2-4)Masters of Fingerstyle Blues Guitar (3-4)
Paul ElliottCamp Instrumentalist
Terry EnyeartSinging Bluegrass (2-3)Favorite Bluegrass Songs (2-4)
Hilary FieldArranging Instrumental Solos (2-3)Classical Technique (3-4)
Wayne HendersonBeginning Finger-Flatpicking (3)Advanced Finger-Flatpicking (4)
Ed JohnsonIntro to Brazilian Guitar Styles (2-3)Improve Your Improv (4)
Cindy KalletBeginning Songwriting (1-3)Making Your Own Arrangements (3-4)
Becky KilgoreSwing/Jazz Repertoire - Beyond the Standards (2-4)Vocal Duets (2-4)
John KnowlesBeyond I, IV, V by Ear (2-4)Fingerstyle Swing (3-4)
Beth LawrenceBrush Up Your Vocals (1-2)Finding Your Voice (2-4)
Tony MarcusIntro to Swing Rhythm (3)Beyond Intro to Swing (3-4)
Eddie PenningtonBlues Stay Away From Me (3)Thumbpicking (4)
Tom RawsonInstigator
Pop WagnerCarter Family Melodies (2)Guitar Backup for Oldtime Fiddle (3)
Anne WeissFunk for Folkies and Folk for Funkies (1-4)Bigger Badder Better Blues (2-3)

PSGW 2004 SESSION 2 (July 31 - August 6)

William CoulterBeginning Fingerstyle (2)Celtic Guitar (3-4)
Nova DevonieInstigator
Bill EvansBeginning Bluegrass Banjo (1-2)Exploring the Banjo Fingerboard (2-4)
Kathleen FallonBeginning Guitar (1)Songs You Want to Sing Again (1-4)
Judy FjellBeginning Lead Playing (2-4)Stagecraft (2-4)
Bob FrankeSongwriting for the New-to-Bob (1-4)Songwriting for Bob Veterans (2-4)
Chris GramppJazz and Swing Improvisation (3-4)Advanced Arrangements for Solo Guitar (4)
Jack HansenBeginning Swing Guitar (3)Big Band Guitar - Freddie Green Style (3-4)
Piper HeisigWestern Swing Vocal Repertoire (2-4)Unobtrusive Percussion (1-3)
Jim HurstFingerstyle Master Class (4)Flatpick Master Class (4)
David KeenanMeet "The Flatpick" (2)Fiddle Tunes for the Git-Fiddle (3)
Kitty KingSwing Duos (2-4)Beginning Bass (1-2)
James MasonCamp Instrumentalist
Stacy PhillipsBluegrass Jam Repertoire (2-4)Klezmer Band (2-4)
Dale RasmussenStep out and sing! (1-2)Take Your Singing to the Next Level: Harmonize! (2-3)
Steve SmithBeginning Mandolin (1-2)Intermediate Mandolin (2-4)
Orrin StarBluegrass Rhythm Guitar (3)Solo Flatpicking (3-4)
Josh White Jr.The Blues Songs of Josh White (2)More Blues Songs of Josh White (2-3)

PSGW 2004 SESSION 3 (August 7 - August 13)

Steve BaughmanOrkney Immersion (3-4)Right Hand Stuff for the Frustrated(3)
Velzoe BrownGuest
Brian ButlerBeginning Blues (2)Intermediate Blues (3-4)
Adam GrangerStagecraft (2-4)Beginning Flatpicking (2)
James HillBeginning `Ukulele (1-2)Uke Talk and Flea Speak - The Language of the Fretboard (2-3)
Kent HillmanBeginning with Fingerpicking (2)Fingerstyle Jazz Options (3-4)
Jay KnowlesSongwriter's Tacklebox (1-3)Songwriting for Other Singers (2-4)
Carol McCombRookie Guitar (1)Beginning Swing for Folkies (3)
Mary McLaughlinThe Singer Within (1-2)Singing in Irish Gaelic (2-4)
Scott NygaardPan-African Band (2-4)Flatpicking 'Round the World (3-4)
Edson OliveiraBrazilian Guitar I (3)Brazilian Guitar II (4)
Kristina OlsenDance for Musicians (1-4)Soloing for People Who Have No Clue (2-3)
Ron PetersAdvanced Swing/Jazz Improvisation (3-4)Creative Comping and Guitar Accompaniment (4)
Missy RainesBeginning Bass (1-2)More with the Bass (2-4)
Crystal ReevesCamp Instrumentalist
Eric SchoenbergKnow Your Way Around the Fingerboard (3)Techniques for Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar (4)
Richard ScholtzInstigator
Laura SmithBeyond I-IV-V: Finding Our Way Through The Musical Woods (2-4)Drive Dull Care Away! A Song Repetoire (1-4)

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