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Saturday, August 9 - Friday, August 15


Muriel Anderson (Nashville, TN)

Easy Fingerpicking Class (level 2-3) Paced for the early intermediate fingerpicker or the adept fingerstyle beginner, this class will teach new easy solos and ways to spice up your accompaniment. Also, we will work together to do an easy arrangement of a song of your choosing.

Playing Outside the Box (level 4) We will explore thinking and playing in new ways, exploring your guitar and your ways of expressing music. This will be an individualized session, focusing on a holistic approach to music. Draw from many styles of music to apply to many styles of music.

Flip Breskin (Bellingham, WA)

Musical Foundations for Guitar (level 1) Your body, brain, ears, fingers, heart: each has a part to play. How do your fingers run the guitar? How do you hear chords change? How do you get those sweet tones? Where's your heart in all this? We’ll combine them all into something beautiful.

Independent Guitar (level 2) Learn ear skills for figuring out songs without benefit of paper; interactive skills for playing with other musicians; right-hand skills to fit various styles of songs; left-hand strategies for the F chord and avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome; practice strategies; and more!

Velzoe Brown (Santa Cruz, CA)


Chris Grampp (Oakland, CA)

Intro To Swing (level 3) We'll learn classic standards from the swing era of the 1930-40s, focusing on right hand strumming, syncopation, back beat, and keeping time. You'll learn common swing chords, introductions and endings, turnarounds, and do lots of playing in class.

Jazz Boot Camp (level 3-4) We'll begin by analyzing licks, riffs, and motifs that use basic jazz harmonies and rhythms (substitutions, alterations, syncopation). Lots of drills, fingerboard calisthenics, key changes, and chromatic marching. All instruments welcome; preeeesent arpeggios!

Adam Granger (St. Paul, MN)

Stage Skills (level 2-4) This class will cover everything that happens onstage besides the music. Elements of focus will include band intros, dealing with sound crews, handling string breaks, telling jokes, dealing with hecklers and other inclement factors; lots of laughter included at no extra charge.

Advanced Flatpicking (level 4) Using elements such as the CAGED scale system, folded scales, chromatic scales, and arpeggios, students will learn to play melodies and improvisations up the neck. Each class will start with a 20-minute "guitarobics" session of exercises and speed and timing drills.

Clive Gregson (Nashville, TN)

Party Guitar (level 1-4) This class will give you some tools to start or take part in a party jam that won't immediately clear the room. The emphasis will be on rock and roll, 60's pop and soul, and having a good laugh. A working knowledge of all three guitar chords will be useful.

A Song a Day (level 1-4) This class is aimed at songwriters old and new. We'll be writing a new song each day. The exercises will be collaborative and fun. If you're a musician looking to add lyrics to your tunes, or a poet who'd like to hear your words set to music, or both, come on down!

Bill Keith (Woodstock, NY)

Bluegrass Banjo Basics (level 1-2) We'll start with basic chords in common keys, a few right-hand rolls, and a bit of ear training and theory; we’ll listen to some inspiring examples; and we’ll learn to play simple banjo parts with others in rhythm. Bring a (tuned) five-string banjo and finger picks.

Bluegrass Banjo Systems (level 3-4) Take a systematic look at the three main playing styles ("Earl," "Brad," and "Don"), the circle of fifths, pentatonic scales, right-hand patterns, and visualizing the banjo neck to learn how they can help you play more interesting banjo backup and lead.

Peter Langston (Seattle, WA)

Beginning Bluegrass Mandolin (level 1-2) We'll cover everything from setup, tuning, and care of your mandolin to actually playing it! We’ll play a lot in class and by the end of the week you'll be able to sit in on those bluegrass jams, chopping rhythm and maybe even playing a solo or two!

Early Bluegrass Standards (level 1-3) Come learn great bluegrass standards from Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, the Stanley Bros, Smiley Hobbs, Jim & Jesse, the Osborne Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, and others. Each day we’ll do several songs from classic recordings made in the golden era of bluegrass.

Carol McComb (Woodside, CA)

Love that Flatpickin' (level 2) This is a beginning flatpick class with lots of great bluegrass, old-time, and country songs. We'll learn how to hold the pick (and keep it from flying across the room), basic flatpick strums, and lots of easy bass runs.

Maybelle Carter Lead (level 3-4) Maybelle Carter's unique style of playing lead remains a vibrant (and surprisingly easy) approach to taking solos that works equally well for flatpickers and fingerstyle players. We'll include classic songs in a wide variety of styles.

Stacy Phillips (New Haven, CT)

Camp Instrumentalist

Ray Piper (Blaine, WA)

Brasilian Guitar (level 3) Exploring Bossa Nova, Samba, and Choro styles, we will work at getting an authentic Brasilian rhythmic feel. We will learn well known tunes in these styles and look at the subtleties that give this music its unique swing.

Improvising (level 3-4) Learn how to improvise solos using scales, arpeggios, and motifs. We will look at developing different ways to navigate chord changes, building your own sound and ideas. We’ll apply these concepts to well known standards and do lots of playing in class.

Missy Raines (White House, TN)

Beginning Bass (level 1-2) Our topics will include how to find the notes on the bass, good right and left hand techniques, keeping good time, and pulling good tone. We’ll also delve into ear training and listening tips, and touch on recognizing and anticipating chord changes in bluegrass songs.

Bluegrass Bass (level 3-4) We’ll examine your technique and look for ways of improvement. We will also talk about the challenges a bass player faces in a band or jam setting. What is the role of the bluegrass bassist? How do you reach a higher level in your playing? Come join us and find out.

Dale Rasmussen (Blaine, WA)

Step Out and Sing! (level 1-2) If you've always wanted to sing outside the shower, here's your class. You'll work on basic vocal skills (breathing, tone production, pitch and more). This will be a supportive, fun class where you can take chances. Bring your favourite songs!

Take Your Singing to the Next Level: Harmonize! (level 2-4) This intermediate-level class will take the mystery out of vocal harmony, and show you tried and true skills that every great harmony singer uses. You may never want to sing lead again!

Tom Rawson (Seattle, WA)


Linda Waterfall (Seattle, WA)

Beginning Songwriting (level 1-2) This class is for people who've never written a song, or who have written just a few. We'll spend time on the crafting of words, melody, chords, rhythm, and form, with equal energy on inspiration and intuition. All levels of playing will feel comfortable.

The Joy of Theory (level 2-4) Music theory need not be dry or intimidating! The excitement is in pursuing questions with relentless and fearless hilarity and in immediate gratification, ie, finding out what fun things can be done with the new concept as soon as you've grasped it.

Anne Weiss (Portland, OR)

Beginning the Blues (even if you've always had 'em!) (level 1-2) OK, so you know how to play E, A, and maybe even B7, but how do you make them moan? Or go chunk-a chunk-a? You'll walk away with enough know-how to be able to jam in the key of blue!

So You Still Have the Blues (level 2-3) This class will be for folks with multiple blues needs--Delta, Chicago, and Piedmont. We'll explore each style and work on some new repertoire and blues licks. If you really want your baby back, we may even get the keys to the double dropped D highway!

Phil Williams (Seattle, WA)

Bluegrass Band (level 2-4) We’ll examine the role of each instrument/vocalist and the differences between bluegrass, old time, and dance ensembles. We'll select a few appropriate tunes and work them over, focusing on the practical methods and cheap tricks to sell them to the audience.

Backup Guitar (level 3-4) Learn basic traditional string band and bluegrass backup techniques using primarily open chords and walking bass lines, played with a flatpick, but also including the "hillbilly way" of playing in any key anywhere on the guitar without any barre chords.

Vivian Williams (Seattle, WA)

Rub Horse Hair Across Sheep Gut (level 1-2) We’ll get started with simple tunes and learn by ear with some written music but no tab! You’ll get scales and arpeggios in D, G, and A to improve intonation, finger dexterity, and facility learning new tunes as well as tips on creating good tone.

Old Time Fiddle Meets Bluegrass (level 2-4) We’ll study songs, arpeggios, and scales in all keys (especially that nasty bluegrass key of B), old time dance tunes in various styles, sliding double stops, and improving bow control for dynamics and danceable rhythm, all by ear, with no tab!

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