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Saturday, July 26 - Friday, August 1


Laurel Bliss (Bellingham, WA)

Music of The Carter Family (level 1-3) The first family of country music collected, composed and recorded a wealth of wonderful songs. This class will survey their repertoire and recreate their vital harmonies and arrangements. Expect to sing a lot in this class.

The Good Old Gospel Way (level 1-3) Come sing a variety of gospel songs in the Old Time, Country, and Bluegrass styles. From simple, solo singing, through call and response, to the mighty quartets, we'll work on harmony and feel and sing our hearts out.

George Chudacoff (Vancouver, WA)

Intermediate Flatpicking (level 3) We will explore intermediate level fiddle tunes in our old time and bluegrass traditions and focus on entering the exciting world of jamming. With an emphasis more on good tone than speed, we will learn by ear and tab. Let's pick!

Flatpick Accompaniment (level 3) If you are a player who wonders how to back up fiddle tunes and bluegrass/old time/country songs, let's put our heads together. Learn bass runs and chord accompaniment and develop new confidence in your playing.

Barry Crannell (Portland, OR)

Beginning Flatpicking (level 2) So what do I do with this here thing somebody called a flatpick? Does this mean I have to play fiddle tunes? How do I hold it? Where's the on/off switch? We'll explore all of your options in this beginning flatpicking class. Have no fear, we’ll take our time.

Accompaniment for Singers/Songwriters (level 3) Sometimes less is better. Take what you already know, and make it clean and simple. Break up old patterns and add some variety to your playing. Particular emphasis on the right hand opens a world of possibilities.

Nova Devonie (Seattle, WA)


Bob Franke (Peabody, MA)

Songwriting for the New to Bob (level 1-3) Bob Franke's Famous Songwriters School (est. 1983) starts with an introductory lecture, short interviews, and individual songwriting assignments subjected to constructive group critique in a supportive yet transformative atmosphere.

Songwriting for Bob Veterans (level 2-4) Individualized group instruction (huh?) for those who have taken Bob's class previously and have thus already dealt with any trust issues. We laugh, we cry, we read, but most of all we write songs and critique them with a compassionate eye.

Kent Hillman (Blaine, WA)

Introduction to Fingerstyle Technique (level 2) Beginners who want to explore traditional fingerstyle technique will learn the basics of alternating bass fingerpicking a la Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. Emphasis will be on troubleshooting problems, relaxation, and avoiding injury.

Fingerstyle Options (level 3-4) For fingerstyle players already exploring alternating patterns, this course provides fingerstyle tools for incorporation into your own arrangements. Traditional chord melody approaches will be discussed and then "spiced up."

Ed Johnson (Palo Alto, CA)

The Secret Life Of Chords (level 2-4) In this class we’ll examine the magic of harmony by looking at chords from the inside out. We'll cover basics of chord theory, chord "voicing" (the ways the notes of a chord can be arranged), and chord progressions, drawing from a wide variety of styles.

Jazz, Swing, and Brazilian Harmony Singing (level 2-4) We'll learn three and four-part harmony arrangements of a variety of songs, ranging from swinging blues-based Basie and Ellington tunes through the unbeatable Rodgers and Hart to the luscious syncopations of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Orville Johnson (Seattle, WA)

Blues Repertoire (level 2-3) We'll learn songs and picking from some of the great country blues players like Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Tampa Red, and others. Along the way we'll have a go at some Delta styles, Piedmont picking, and some characteristic rhythm grooves.

Flatpicking Lead Guitar (level 4) Wondering what to do when the singer looks at you and says "take it"? She means take this class. We'll learn how to play solos and fills, try some patterns and licks, pick some blues and a fiddle tune or two, and figure out how to meld it all into a coherent solo.

Tony Marcus (Oakland, CA)

Swing Rhythm Intro (level 3) If you have not yet learned movable 4 note chords, this class will introduce you to the exciting and profitable world of swing...oh, wait, it stopped being profitable again. We'll use a limited palette of chord shapes and strive to get the propulsive feel of this style.

Intro to Chord Melody (level 3-4) We'll start out learning a tune or two voicing the melody above chord forms. This is the swing rhythm intro class upside down...we'll use 3 or 4 note chords working down from the melody, and make the process clear enough that you can do it at home.

Valerie Mindel (Evanston, IL)

Singing in Duets, Trios, and Quartets (level 1-2) We’ll learn how to work out harmony arrangements and perform for each other using country, bluegrass, and gospel songs. This is a class for folks who have sung some harmony and want the fun of lock-step singing with someone else.

Harmony Singing 101 (level 2-4) We’ll sing classic harmonies and learn the basics of creating our own … all by ear, in styles ranging from early country (Carter Family, Delmore Brothers) to black gospel. If you can match pitch and can sing a basic melody, this is the class for you.

Mick Nicholson (Silverdale, WA)

Bass Elements (level 1-2) This can be summed up as the 3 T's - Time, Tone, and (in)Tonation. We will apply this consistant approach to a wide variety of musical styles. Half and first position left hand technique will be introduced. Other topics: Bass set-up and amplification.

Inner Bass, or Life after I/V (level 3-4) We’ll focus on developing interesting bass lines, soloing, "kick-licks," time is everyone's responsibility, seeing with your ears/hearing with your eyes, playing in the pocket, the circle of fifths, and making every note count.

Jennifer Scott (Blaine, WA)

Stagecraft (level 2-4) Let's explore the world of performance! We'll deal with overcoming nerves, interacting with others on and off stage, performance dynamics, sound issues, and much more! Students will be required to bring one or two songs to work on in class.

Swing Vocal Summit (level 2-4) We'll learn some swing solos and duets with an emphasis on phrasing, nuance, rhythm, and style. We'll explore some little known repertoire and reacquaint ourselves with well-loved chestnuts, too. We’ll also try a little "scatting" in a fun, safe atmosphere.

Julian Smedley (Berkeley, CA)

Camp Instrumentalist

Laura Smith (Bellingham, WA)

Beginning Guitar (level 1) This class is for complete newcomers to the guitar and for those who are still in the earliest stages of playing. We will concentrate on learning basic chords and moving smoothly between them. We’ll also work on accompanying ourselves on real songs.

Banjo Acccompanyment for Singing (level 1-2) We’ll be learning two different old-time styles and using them to accompany ourselves on songs. The first is the clawhammer style, which is especially good for fast-paced songs. The second is a picking style that works well for slower songs.

Pam Vellutini (Ashland, OR)

Afro-Cuban Drumming (level 1-2) Ready for some time away from the fingerboard? Come play some Afro-Cuban rhythms. In this class we'll learn the vocabulary for hand placement on the drum, and jump right into playing a variety of different pieces.

Afro-Cuban Drumming (level 2-3) If you've had some drumming experience and want to refresh, or if this is the class that fits better in your schedule, welcome. We'll work with 3-2 Son Clave and 6/8 bell, and discover how they fit into the pieces we'll play.

Josh White Jr. (Lansing, MI)

The Blues Songs of Josh White (level 1-2) Come join me and I will take you on a musical odyssey of the Josh White style of guitar. We will work on my old man's arrangements of some classic songs including his blues chords, bass riffs, turnarounds, strumming techniques and how he used his phrasing and his "note bending" for powerful and effective presentation of a song.

More Blues Songs of Josh White (level 2-3) This class will be like Josh’s level 1-2 class, only a little more advanced and at a different time.

Sean Williams (Olympia, WA)

Around the World in Five Days (level 1-4) Class topics will shift each day, from Irish bodhrán to multiphonic ("throat") singing, from circular breathing for the dijeridu to Indonesian tuned bamboo rattles to West African drumming patterns. Come navigate the globe!

World Fingerpicking Guitar (level 3) This class will draw from several world music traditions in Asia, South America, and Europe to expand your skill in performing rhythms, combining multiple melodic parts, and realizing traditional musics from other cultures on the guitar.

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