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PSGW '01 TEACHERS Session 1
Greg CanoteCamp instrumentalist 
Jere CanoteIntroduction to the Flatpick (2)Uke Party! (1-3)
Marie EatonSongwriting: Notes and Tools (1-2)Folk Songs That Ought To Be in the Oral Tradition (1-2)
Kathleen FallonInstigator 
Piper HeisigUnobtrusive Percussion (1-4)Beginning Bass (1-2)
Wayne HendersonBeginning Finger-Flatpicking (3)Advanced Finger-Flatpicking (4)
Kent HillmanClassical Technique for Folkies (2-3)Fingerstyle Options (3-4)
Joel MabusSongwriting with Craft & Purpose (2-4)Swing with a Twang (3-4)
Carol McCombRookie Guitar (1)Tasty Flatpick Accompaniment (3)
John MillerHearing Chord Changes (3)Jazz Standards Composer/Song Survey (3-4)
Tena MoyerIntro to Fingerstyle Accompaniment (2-3)Walking the Blues (3-4)
Ron PetersBeyond I-IV-V (2-4)Begining Fingerstyle Guitar (2)
Del ReyClassic Blues & Jazz Rep (1-4)Blues Duets (3-4)
David RothSinging for Everyone (1-4)Songstarting/Songhouse 101 (1-2)
Jennifer ScottJazz and Swing Repertoire (2-4)Stagecraft (3-4)
Christian SwensonHuman Jazz (1-4)Human Jazz (1-4)
Joe VinikowIntroduction to Swing (3)Introduction to Improv (2-3)
Sean WilliamsGetting Started with Voice (1-2)World Fingerpicking Guitar (3)
Radim ZenklBeginning Mandolin (1-2)Intermediate Mandolin (2-3)
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PSGW '01 TEACHERS Session 2
Linda AllenThe Bridge between Earth and Sky (1-2)The Bridge between Earth and Sky (2-3)
William CoulterBegining Fingerstyle Guitar (2-3)Beginning Celtic Guitar in DADGAD (2-4)
Barry CrannellBeginning Flatpicking (2)Accompaniment for Singers and Songwriters (2-3)
Nova DevonieInstigator 
Hilary FieldMusic Theory (3-4)Classical Technique (4)
Bob FrankeSongwriting (1-3)Songwriting (2-3)
Chris GramppBeyond I-IV-V (2-4)Swing Lead (4)
Larry HanksRepertoire (1-4)Fingerstyle Song Accomp (3)
Ed JohnsonParty Guitar and New Campfire Favorites (2-4)Take A Break (3-4)
John KnowlesBeginning Guitar (1)Advanced Fingerstyle (4)
Tony MarcusIntroduction to Swing Rhythm Guitar (3)Verses to Familiar Songs (1-4)
Ken PerlmanCeltic Tunes for the Fingerstyle Guitarist (3-4)Celtic Clawhammer Banjo (3-4)
Cliff PerryCountry Songs (1-3)Simply Melody (3)
Crystal ReevesCamp instrumentalist 
Richard ScholtzHearing Chord Changes (2-3)Playing in Duets & Trios (3-4)
Laura SmithBegining Fingerstyles (2)beginning Clawhammer Banjo (1-2)
Alice StuartBeginning Blues (2-3)Intermediate Blues (3-4)
Eric ThompsonFlatpick Old Time Fiddle Tunes (3-4)Beginning Old Time Mandolin (1-2)
Pam VellutiniAfro-Cuban Drumming I (1-2)Afro-Cuban Drumming II (2-3)
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PSGW '01 TEACHERS Session 3
Muriel AndersonFun and Flashy Fingerstyle (3-4)Classical Techniques and Jazzy Theory for Folkies (2-3)
Cary BlackBeginning Upright Bass (1-2)Bases from Other Places (2-4)
Flip BreskinBasic Bare-hands Guitar (1)Fingerpicking Solos (2-3)
Velzoe BrownRole model 
Michael DunnAfrican Juju Band (2-4)Hot Club Rhythm (3-4)
Paul ElliotCamp instrumentalist 
Nina GerberTheory Applied To The Guitar (3-4)Sideperson Strategies (3-4)
Clive GregsonA Song A Day (1-4)The Song Doctor Is In (2-4)
Jack HansenSongs of the Folk Scare (1-3)Beginning Fingerpicking (2)
Orville JohnsonFlatpicking Lead Guitar (3-4)Dobrology (2-4)
Edson OliveiraBrazilian Guitar I (3)Brazilian Guitar II (4)
Kristina OlsenCouple Dances (1-4)Slide Guitar (2-4)
Stacy PhillipsSalsa Percussion Plus Ensemble (1-4)Dobro Lap Slide (3-4)
Ray PiperIntroduction to Swing (3)Swing Lead (4)
Tom RawsonInstigator 
David RomtvedtPart-of-the-World Beat (1-4)Diatonic Button Accordion (1-4)
Barry TashianVocal Performance Coaching (2-4)Introduction to Flatpicking (2)
Holly TashianCreativity for Songwriters (1-4)Backup Rhythm Guitar (2-3)
Marcia TaylorJoyful Noise (1-3)Stagecraft (3-4)
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Advance registration is required (no guests or visitors, please). Registrations will be processed (and receipts sent) as they are received.

Total cost (tuition + room + board) for a session is $625 or $590 (in U.S. funds), depending on accommodation--tenting is less expensive. A deposit of $200 (U.S. funds) reserves a space. The balance of $425 or $390 is due on arrival at camp.

Refunds of $150 will be given for all cancellations prior to July 4 and of $75 for cancellations between July 4 and two days before your session starts. No refunds will be given for cancellations or "no shows" after that time. Of course, if we have to refuse your registration (e.g. due to lack of space), your entire deposit will be returned.

Scholarships are available for up to half of the cost. A completed preregistration with a deposit of $200 is required to receive a scholarship application form (check the appropriate box on your registration). Your entire deposit will be returned and your registration voided if we can't offer you a scholarship. Completed scholarship application forms must be received by May 1.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop is a camp for adults of all ages, but please consult with us by phone prior to registering any adults under age 18.

Our scholarship program is supported by donation. We wish to thank the many individuals whose contributions have helped make scholarships possible. If you would like to become one of the people we thank, simply include some extra funds in your check and mention it on the registration form (and thanks).


All registration requests must be accompanied by a deposit ($200 per person per session) payable to "Puget Sound Guitar Workshop." Sorry, we cannot accept e-mail or fax registrations.

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