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There is no better place to learn music than the

The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop provides inspiration and instruction for acoustic guitarists at all levels of skill. A week in the woods surrounded by enthusiastic musicians and outstanding teachers offers the technical information, support, and encouragement you need to make strong, satisfying music now.

PSGW is held in a gorgeous wooded setting about one and a half hours southwest of Seattle. We have been at the same site for twenty years and it really feels like home. The cabins have heat and bathrooms with hot showers; there is also space for tenting. In the main lodge, three meals a day are served buffet style and vegetarians are given special consideration. The private lake is excellent for swimming.

More than the setting, the people at PSGW really create the experience. Teachers are selected not only for their musicianship, but for their teaching skills as well. They share in music-making with students throughout the week. The openness promotes musical risk-taking and growth.

Over thirty classes are offered each session during the three daily class periods. These range from Level 1 (complete beginners) to Level 4 (accomplished amateurs and professional musicians). The focus is on acoustic guitar styles (fingerpicking, flatpicking, blues, bluegrass, swing, and jazz), although in recent years singing and songwriting classes have proliferated. Special classes in other related instruments round out the offering each year. The curriculum is different each session.

After classes, the day is filled with workshops, concerts, dances and jam sessions. Being away from everyday cares and responsibilities allows an intense focus on music; therefore many students make major technical and conceptual strides during the week. Learning becomes much easier around people who have similar goals and who want you to succeed; many participants return year after year.

If you would like to attend PSGW this summer, pre-register now. Even if you are placed on a waiting list, you need not be discouraged; places often open up as late as a day or two before the session.

PSGW offers a unique and stimulating learning experience, and, beyond that, fun, new music, and new friends. We hope you will join us this year.

Pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

¤ Session 1 ....... Saturday, July 20th through Friday, July 26th

¤ Session 2 ....... Sunday, July 28th through Saturday, August 3rd

¤ Session 3 ....... Monday, August 5th through Sunday, August 11th

Tuition + room + board: $450 (U.S. funds)

Classes are subject to change. If a special section class (preregistration only) gets too full, participants will be chosen by lottery on June 1st.

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Three class periods of an hour and fifteen minutes are offered each day. Courses cover a wide spectrum of topics and levels. In popular curriculum areas you will find a number of classes differing only slightly in level designation, so you should be able to find a class that closely matches your skills. Class size is kept small (5 to 10 students in most cases) to accommodate the needs of individual students.

After the third class period each day, the remainder of the afternoon is free for student- or staff-initiated activities. Options include one-shot or ongoing workshops, practice or jam sessions, swimming, socializing, and napping.

Evenings are filled with music circles, jam sessions, concerts, and a swing dance. The session includes a student concert, providing every student with an opportunity to perform for the most appreciative audience on earth. Beyond these scheduled activities, participants join in spontaneous, never-to-be-repeated musical events that seem to crop up at the Workshop regularly.


Session 1 ....... Bluegrass Banjo, Dobro, and String Bass

Session 2 ....... Diatonic Accordion, Fiddle, and String Bass

Session 3 ....... Blues Harmonica and String Bass

Preregistration for these classes is required, and to ensure individual attention, class size will be limited. If too many students sign up for any special section, participants will be chosen by lottery held on June 1 (you must preregister before the lottery to be in it). Because Special Sections have been so popular in recent years, we request that you sign up for only one class from any special section instructor. We require advance class registration only for special section classes.

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Advance registration is required; no guests or visitors, please. Registrations will be processed (and receipts sent) as they are received. Space availability will be determined on April 15th. Any requests for registration for a second week will be held until June 1st to allow first week registrations to be processed.

Tuition is $450 (in U.S. funds) per session. A deposit of $125 in U.S. funds reserves a space; make checks payable to "Puget Sound Guitar Workshop." The balance of $325 is due on arrival at camp.

Refunds of $75 will be given for all cancellations prior to July 4 and of $40 for cancellations between July 4 and two days prior to the date your session starts. No refunds will be given for cancellations or "no shows" after that time. Of course, if we have to refuse your registration (e.g. due to lack of space), your entire deposit will be returned.

Scholarships are available for up to half of tuition. A completed pre-registration with a deposit of $125 is required to receive a scholarship application form; check the appropriate box below. Your entire deposit will be returned (and your registration voided) if we cannot offer you a scholarship. Completed scholarship application forms must be received by June 1.

Our scholarship program is supported by donation. We wish to thank the many individuals whose contributions have helped make scholarships possible.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop is a camp for adults of all ages, but please consult with us by phone prior to registering persons under age 18.


All registration requests must be accompanied by a deposit (sorry, we cannot accept e-mail or fax registrations).

Print and fill out the following form and snail-mail it to:

P O BOX 75087
SEATTLE WA 98125-0087




/_/ Session One:  20 July   ­ 26 July
/_/ Session Two:  28 July   ­  3 August
/_/ Session Three: 5 August ­ 11 August

If the session I have chosen is full,
I wish to:
   /_/ Be put on the waiting list.
   /_/ Try for Session _______.
   /_/ Be put on the shortest waiting list.
   /_/ Have my deposit returned.

/_/ I have not attended PSGW before.
/_/ Please send me a scholarship application.
/_/ I am unable to attend this year, but add my name to next year's mailing list.

Describe any SPECIAL NEEDS (e.g. vegan):

Session I
        Bluegrass Banjo      /_/ Beg         /_/ Int
        Dobro                /_/ Beg         /_/ Int
        String Bass          /_/ Beg
Session II
        Fiddle               /_/ Beg         /_/ Int
        Diatonic Accordion   /_/ Beg
        String Bass          /_/ Beg
Session III
        Blues Harmonica      /_/ Beg         /_/ Int/Adv
        String Bass          /_/ Beg         /_/ Blues

If I do not get my special section, I wish to:
/_/ Attend camp that session anyway.
/_/ Try for Session ________.
/_/ Have my deposit returned.

_ I enclose $________ Tuition Deposit.
_ I enclose $________ in addition to my
  deposit as a tax-deductible contribution. (Thanks!)
The total enclosed is $________ in U.S. funds.

For further information:

Call the PSGW Message Phone:
(206) 340-1101 [changed to (206) 784-1059]
Or peruse the Web page:
Or send email:
Or Write:
P O BOX 75087
SEATTLE WA 98125-5804
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