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John Mailander

John Mailander is a San Diego-based musician and graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He is in demand throughout the Southern California and Boston areas for live performance, session work, and instruction. Playing in a variety of styles on the fiddle, mandolin, and various other stringed instruments, he has become known for his soulful voice as a soloist, improviser, and writer.
John has shared the stage with acclaimed artists including the Alison Brown Quartet, Victor Wooten, Tim O'Brien and Christopher Guest. He was one of sixteen musicians selected to participate in the Savannah Music Festival's prestigious Acoustic Music Seminar in both 2012 and 2013. John played fiddle in Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's musical, Bright Star, for its premier run in New York. He has performed at events including the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops, FreshGrass Music Festival and Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. John maintains a busy performance schedule with artists including Tony Trischka & Territory, Molly Tuttle, Chris Stuart & Backcountry, Darol Anger, and others.
At Berklee, John studied under the instruction of John McGann, Darol Anger, and Julian Lage.

Tony Marcus

Best known for playing swing jazz, Tony Marcus has been a professional musician in a number of styles for 40 years. He's been a member of The Cheap Suit Serenaders, Cats & Jammers, Leftover Dreams, The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, The Fountain of Youth Jug Band, Lost Weekend Western Swing Band, The Frank Wakefield Band, The Arkansas Sheiks and many more. He's toured the UK and Ireland with the Frisco Fire Band, and Japan with Geoff Muldaur and Fritz Richmond. He's performed in theatrical productions around the US and written articles for magazines such as Acoustic Guitar. He's a veteran teacher at such camps as PSGW, Augusta Heritage Workshops, CCMC, International Guitar Seminars, and others, but mostly he just loves playing music. He currently performs with Patrice Haan as Leftover Dreams.

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Marcy Marxer

Marcy Marxer is a multi-instrumentalist, studio musician, performer, songwriter and producer with 40 years of experience and a shelf of impressive awards. She has played acoustic music on Emmy Award winning National Geographic specials, platinum shipping Eva Cassidy CD’s and on over 50 recordings and instructional materials created with her partner, Cathy Fink. Marcy is a two-time GRAMMY Award winner and fourteen-time GRAMMY nominee whose guitar playing spans a variety of styles- swing rhythm and lead, bluegrass, old time, Celtic fingerpicking, folk fingerpicking and some of the most tasteful backup you can hear. She plays signature a Martin guitar, signature National Steel Tenor guitar and signature KALA tenor ukulele. She is a well-loved instructor at many camps including Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Camp and she teaches online via Truefire, Homespun Tapes and Peghead Nation.

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Liz Masterson

Liz Masterson's distinctive singing voice, yodeling, and sense of humor have won her national acclaim and awards as she tours the country as a performer and teacher of traditional art forms of vintage western and swing music. She has presented workshops and concerts at the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Center, and the Kennedy Center. In 2006 she appeared on the Discovery Channel's "Myth Busters." She demonstrated her yodeling skills during an episode on avalanches.

Liz recorded 6 albums with her longtime music partner, the late, great Sean Blackburn. These are considered essential contributions to the revival of western and swing music. Her new solo CD, Roads to Colorado, has been acclaimed her best work yet, and features the guitar wizardry of her friend, Mike Dowling.

According to Liz, there is no better way to spend a week than share music with folks at camp. She has been on staff at Augusta Heritage Center's Swing Week for 21 years, enjoyed 4 years at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp, and 8 years at Greater Yellowstone Music Camp.

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Debby McClatchy

Debby McClatchy is an expert entertainer with wit and imagination. While she plays a variety of acoustic instruments, when touring she just totes her 1907 Bacon 'FF Professional' banjo and maybe a fiddle. She is recognized as one of the finest frailed-banjo players in the accompanying style and is much valued for her banjo and singing workshops. Her combination of goodtime, old-time banjo, glorious singing- with occasional outbreaks of mountain fiddling and freestyle Appalachian stepping - has made her a favorite in clubs and at festivals.

"Through countless recordings, tours, and workshops, Debby McClatchy has shown herself to be one of our most indefatigable collectors and flawless interpreters of American traditional music. To use Gordon Bok's expression, Debby is a great 'keeper of songs.'"
--Sing Out magazine

Carol McComb

Carol McComb is a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years of performing, recording, and teaching experience. She wrote a best-selling guitar instruction book and has taught thousands of people to play guitar and sing in her workshop series at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto. She is a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine and has taught at several music camps around the country. Carol was a member of the popular California based band, the Gryphon Quintet, and has toured with both Linda Ronstadt and Joan Baez. She is currently one half of the duo Kathy and Carol.

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Mary McLaughlin

Mary Mc Laughlin is a singer of songs original and traditional, in both the Irish and English languages, who also teaches voice and runs workshops in Gaelic song (for non Gaelic speakers). She has recorded and performed with Martin Simpson, Stéafán Hannigan, Kathy Mattea, William Coulter, Neal Hellman, Robin Bullock, and many others.

Mary was born and raised in Northern Ireland and became interested in Gaelic & "sean nós" (old style) singing at age eleven. When recently asked in an interview about her early influences, she replied: "Irish traditional music, Latin Church music, and 'Duran Duran'!"

Having worked in local schools teaching music for some years, Mary now works on ad hoc basis for arts education organizations in California. This gives her the freedom to attend to the many creative projects with which she is involved. She performs and teaches at festivals and music camps throughout the U.S. and while at home in Northern California runs courses and workshops in Gaelic singing and Voice exploration.

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Michael Miles

Michael J. Miles is a rare and engaging artist. He grew up in Chicago in an Irish family where music was served like dinner—everybody had some. His blue collar father played the player piano and filled the house with singing. Everybody sang. Everyone read. Everyone debated politics.

Michael took it all in with great relish and has now turned the theatrical stage into his own living room—similarly filled with songs and stories. His theatrical works, his orchestral works, and his unplugged concerts all resonate with honest intimacy. This is music to be shared.

With an MA Music degree and four CDs to his credit, he also works as educator, sharing his zeal for music with both children and professional educators.

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Joe Miller

Joe Miller has performed at acoustic music festivals across the U.S. and Canada. He has studied with about 35 music teachers, including classical guitarist Bill Trotter in Toronto, and sitarist Nikhil Banerjee. A past winner of both the California State Flatpicking Championship and the National Fingerpicking Championship, he has released 2 CDs of instrumental music.
He teaches at Eric Schoenberg Guitars in Tiburon, California.

Valerie Mindel

Singer, Choir director, Instrumentalist (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, double bass), Teacher: (singing - harmony singing, various traditional folk styles, fiddle, mandolin)

Val Mindel has more than 20 years’ experience as a singer, fiddler and music teacher. She regularly performs and teaches in the Chicagoland area, both in bands for contra- and square dances (her specialty is American and French Canadian fiddle styles), and with the Teflons, a group that specializes in tightly harmonized parlor, early-country and swing songs. Her musical credentials include recording on the Arhoolie and Bay record labels, most prominently with Any Old Time, a popular string band that recorded and toured nationally in the 1970s and 1980s. In addition she has led folk choirs, including the touring group Village Harmony, which performs throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Eastern Europe. Val has taught at the Old Town School since 1997. She teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced Vocal Harmony, Early Country Ensemble classes and Fiddle.

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Tom Moran

Sweet tremolo on a ballad, soulful Monroe-style blues licks, or a lightning-fast instrumental--Tom's playing keeps you on the edge of your seat. Tom has that rare gift of being innovative without ever losing touch with his pure bluegrass roots. He is the author of Mandolin Magazine's bluegrass column and the founder of the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra. Tom also teaches a bluegrass class at Shoreline Community College in Seattle.

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